Wednesday, June 23, 2010

this is a photo post

Here's a quick picture of some comic pages, taken with my cell phone to prove that yes, I am actually getting some work done on this damn comic. Hoping to get a couple more pages penciled today. I have Kickass and a few more episodes of Carnivale sitting on my hard drive so I have some thing to watch as I draw. Am I the only one who really has to have something on to be able to really get into drawing? Maybe.


And here's a recent sewing commission, a Quagsire hoodie for Zenity over on Livejournal. I'm rather proud of it, I think its my best one yet! Next up is a Lugia hoodie for another lovely person on LJ. This hoodie features paw-hand covers, a plush tail, and a fully satin-stitched back applique.


Aaaand I've mentioned to people in the past my slight problem/obsession with sketchbooks, here's a photo to prove that I have far, far too many. None of these are even full, they're all ones I'll just grab and start drawing in at any time. It makes keeping things chronological quite difficult at times D: Inside the crate along with the sketchbooks are hoodie plush pieces and pattern paper, and on top are my oversized bristol pads and oversized sketchbook, and heartopus plushes (that I will eventually perfect and start offering up for sale!)


Anyway, its summer so this blog will hopefully see more frequent updates from me. I've been spending my days working on crafty and artsy things and listening to nostalgic music (seriously, I've got the Ataris on repeat right now lol what a loser) and many of my nights having drinks with friends. That's exactly what my summer should be like. :D

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