Monday, April 25, 2011

-dusts off the blog-

Whoops, its been a while since I posted on here. Life's been a little crazy, between 2 jobs and getting ready to graduate. I'm also gearing up to start intensely promoting my craft and plush work once I'm done with school. I'll be selling at Colossalcon in Sandusky Ohio in June, and will be trying to get my etsy shop out there.

Some things I've been making:



And here be my little shop for those interested:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cold weather comforts


From the sketchbook.

Its cold here, something like 15 degrees. I complain about it a lot, but really, I love this kind of weather. Its the kind of time to cuddle up in front of the fireplace with a book, cup of coffee, and blanket. Or the time to spend far too much time cuddling with someone. ;)

I have a small backlog of sketchbook pages to post over the next couple days. Also, make sure to keep up with my deviantart for finished work.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Finals are coming up fast- this is the last week of classes, then next week are finals. Then, I'll be on winter break until January. Woo! I'll be working double my normal hours, and I'm hoping to have extra time to do more drawing and sewing. I have 2 costumes to finish for an upcoming convention. x_X I don't know how some of you guys manage to finish 4+ new costumes for every con. I also have another small comic project to get started on, that I'm hoping to put in the Shousetsu*Bang*Bang ezine's art-only issue for next year. So much to doooo.

In the meantime, have some music:

I asked for a turntable for Christmas. I'm looking forward to growing my vinyl collection, and Tom Waits on vinyl = perfection

Also, the lovely Carousellian is holding a givaway for her blog reaching 100 followers! You should totally follow her/enter that contest!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Dresden Dolls changed my life.


Not really. Well sorta. Kinda.

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite band of all time is, hands down, The Dresden Dolls. I have a lot of reasons, but suffice to say that this band came into my life while I was going through a very difficult era and they've stayed with me through now. Last Sunday, I had the privilege of seeing them perform live at Busters Billiards & Backroom in Lexington, Kentucky.

Detailed writeup and photos after the jump.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Neil Gaiman's "The Price" by Christopher Salmon

Hey guys! Today, I want to spread the word about an awesome project I found via Neil Gaiman's twitter feed today:

Its a project to make a for-fans-by-fans film adaptation of the Gaiman short story "The Price". That story is probably one of the most chilling short stories I have ever read, and the idea of seeing this animated is super exciting to me! Filmmaker Christopher Salmon is using Kickstarter to get the project funded, and I urge you all to pledge! As of right now he's about 45% of the way to his goal. I've already pledged, the minimum amount is only $10 (that's 2 McDonald's meals, 2 starbucks lattes, or lunch at Panera) and the pledge tiers have all sorts of nifty rewards ranging from DVDs and posters, to seeing the film premiered alongside Mr Gaiman and Mr Salmon! So please, take a little time out from your daily life to watch Mr Salmon's pitch video (which includes an animatic that promises of Good Things to come) and even if you can't pledge, spread the word via twitter, facebook, your own blog/livejournal, or however else you like!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

workspace + 3

I've always loved looking at pictures of artists' workspaces, and they simultaneously inspire me and make me jealous that I lack a dedicated Creative Space of my own. Right now, my work desk works triple-duty as homework station, artmaking area, and sewing space. It gets rather cluttered sometimes but I still love it. My dream one day (along with having a basement library a la Neil Gaiman) is to have a studio room that has sewing space on one side and art space on the other. That is quite some time off, so this suffices for now.


Its a rather blurry picture as it was taken late at night with no flash, but I'll try to get some better pictures at a later date. In the meantime, have two large pieces I've been spending my time on lately:


Day of the Dead-inspired skullface girl, and my first time using markers in quite some time. I'm out of practice, really. The blending on the blue background sucks, and dat skin :/ Evidently I forgot that the majority of my skintone markers are dead or dying. Looks like I'll be dropping some cash on new ones when I get my next paycheck.


Inks to a character illustration of The Narrator from Brit's and my comic project. I realized I've done little to no art of the characters outside design sketches and drawing them in the comic itself so I'm trying to fix that. I'm still trying to decide whether to do ink wash or watercolors on it. Ideas? Opinions? Derp?


And in closing, a picture from my phone of my progress on my portrait for my oil painting class. Its referenced off a photo from an issue of cosmo, ha