Monday, November 29, 2010


Finals are coming up fast- this is the last week of classes, then next week are finals. Then, I'll be on winter break until January. Woo! I'll be working double my normal hours, and I'm hoping to have extra time to do more drawing and sewing. I have 2 costumes to finish for an upcoming convention. x_X I don't know how some of you guys manage to finish 4+ new costumes for every con. I also have another small comic project to get started on, that I'm hoping to put in the Shousetsu*Bang*Bang ezine's art-only issue for next year. So much to doooo.

In the meantime, have some music:

I asked for a turntable for Christmas. I'm looking forward to growing my vinyl collection, and Tom Waits on vinyl = perfection

Also, the lovely Carousellian is holding a givaway for her blog reaching 100 followers! You should totally follow her/enter that contest!


  1. Good luck on finals! mine are in two weeks and have a portfolio project due DX The program drives me crazy!