Tuesday, June 29, 2010

upcoming projects ahoy

No art today guys, sorry.

But I've been making some pretty steady headway on The Comic, at least by my standards. I'm on the inking phase of page 7, which considering I'm taking care of pencils, inks, and ink washes, is pretty good. Brit and I are hoping to have this story done for release in the fall, and I'll probably be showing it off at various conventions before we get to work on the next story. I've mentioned to some people outside the blog that The Comic was really conceived as a series of 6 or so short stories of about 30 pages each, spanning from 1910 where the current story takes place, to present day. They all concern the same vaguely lovecraftian mythos, though the setting may change drastically from story to story. Hopefully one day the whole thing can be finished, but its really the project that I'm cutting my comicing teeth on, and I'm spending as long on it as it takes to have it up to my standards.

Other than that, I have a potential penciling gig on a story or two with Studio Akumakaze on some cryptozoology themed stories, and a few sewing commissions to do. So expect some updates soon with those! This summer I'm really trying to up my skills and consolidate my drawing style into something I feel I can really call my own.

That's really all for now, though I gotta say, the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack is really interesting to work to, especially for this story.

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