Sunday, November 7, 2010

First off, hello to all my new readers who picked up my card this past weekend! I'm currently sitting at my booth in the artist alley of sugoicon, getting ready to pack up after an amazing weekend. This was my first year selling my crafted products in the alley, and everything went surprisingly well. My hard work paid off, and I haven't done a final count yet but I've made over $500 this weekend! Its going to make paying rent next month a LOT less stressful and thank you to all the fantastic people who made this weekend great for me :)

I have a lot to do, I'm going to start selling the tentacles and octopus plush through etsy, though at present I'll sell them direct through me until I get it all set up. I'm going to start selling at cons on a larger scale again so I need to get a backstock made so I'm not frantically rushing to complete everything for each con .

But man am I exhausted. Once I've recovered I'll post a report for these past two conventions. But right now all I want to do is sleeeeep.


  1. Nice! I heard it can get pretty cutthroat in the alley so I'm glad you made quite a nice profit :D

  2. Tentacles? I want a link to your etsy...*goes to look*

  3. @Carousellian Thanks!

    @Ada everyone was actually really nice and helpful, and everyone I spoke to did quite well this year, I think we were all surprised by it

    @Yllsa Its not open yet, but should be in the next week or so!

  4. Hey, someone said you were active here so I thought I'd get in contact with you this way.

    It's been over a month that so I'm wondering if I can get a status on the Haunter hoodie I paid you for in July?

  5. @toda I've been meaning to reply to your comment, I've just been busy as hale >-< Sorry about that OTL

    Its essentially finished, just needs the ears handsewn on. email me at and I'll get you photos through there.