Monday, April 26, 2010

sketchbook post

Some decent-enough pages from my sketchbooks, drawn over the past couple months.


blue pencil and micron pen. not too happy with the head design. might try to work it out better at a later date.


fantasy-styled koi fish i guess? drawn while at work last fall.


face sketches of the narrator character in "The Ghost Machine", my current project


observational; starbucks cup. more things drawn during work. coffee, art, and pokemon are the only things that keeps me sane there sometimes


part observational, part non; drawn during my night class this quarter. the man whose back of the head you see was quite grumpy.

also, i'm trying to get more proficient in coloring digitally. its not my favorite method of coloring, but its kind of a necessity nowadays. does anyone have any good sites for photoshop or painter tutorials? any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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